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The Band

Anyone who travels as much as Feliciano must surround himself with a group of people who not only do the job, and do the job well, but who also provide for the group as a whole, a sense of oneness, of commitment to a common goal and shared camaraderie. Jose has been very fortunate on this score because (and anyone who has had the opportunity to see one of his performances lately knows) his touring entourage is comprised of a group of really wonderful fellows who are absolutely top-notch.


Jose’s Early Bands

Jose’s first band, however, was quite a different story. As a teenager, he was part of a jazz ensemble they called “The Modern Sound Trio”. Bobby Grogen was the drummer, Bliss Rodriguez, the pianist, and of course a very young Jose, played the electric guitar.

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They played at school dances and at the Lighthouse for the Blind in New York City, and even on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour, a major television variety show in the 1950’s and ’60’s.

Later, during the Light My Fire period of his career, the band consisted of the most warmly remembered and sentimentally regarded members, Ted Arnold on bass (who was the best man at Jose and Susan’s wedding — way back when –and they, in turn, are godparents to Teddy and Carol’s children, Jake and Sarah Beth), and the incomparable and beloved Paulinho Magalhaes, drummer and percussionist, who passed away in 1978. Along with Jose, this small combo embodied the ultimate in brotherhood, both musically and personally. It was a special time for Jose on the road where the three “banded” together in a truly unique manner. There is a place in his heart where those times together still live; he and his music are better for it.