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The Band

Anyone who travels as much as Feliciano must surround himself with a group of people who not only do the job, and do the job well, but who also provide for the group as a whole, a sense of oneness, of commitment to a common goal and shared camaraderie. Jose has been very fortunate on this score because (and anyone who has had the opportunity to see one of his performances lately knows) his touring entourage is comprised of a group of really wonderful fellows who are absolutely top-notch.




A classically trained musician who first auditioned on a brass instrument, Ty was accepted to a traditional music school, where he studied his craft extensively and performed many concerts of the classical and symphonic repertoire. It was an experience, which he says, “…has been an influence in my selecting and editing orchestral sounds for the synthesizers played on Jose’s concerts.”

Ty has been onboard with Jose for the better part of thirty years, traveling over a million miles together all over the world, again and again…a true treasure.




Steve was born in New York in 1955 and grew up in and around music from the very beginning. His Father, Frank “Doc” Sasloe, a Doctor of Musical Education from Columbia University, started teaching his son at the age of three. Steve and his Dad owned and operated the music store in town where lessons were offered, sheet music and instruments were sold and, with students heard studying their pieces from behind every door within the shop, the divergent strains of melody and voices were clearly his own heartbeat. Steve’s path was securely in place as his passion for music was cultivated from his earliest memories.

 Today, Steve teaches, writes, performs, conducts and, along with being an esteemed member of the extended Feliciano Family for over 25 years, has become an invaluable asset to Jose’s touring machine.



Trevor Coen — BASSIST


In 1971, Trevor was born into a musical family in Norwalk, Connecticut. His life-long passion for music literally goes back to the very beginning, when his parents convinced the hospital staff to wheel a stereo system into the delivery room in order to welcome him into the world to the searing, psychedelic strains of the Jimi Hendix album, “Are You Experienced”.

With a father who avidly collected records and worked in radio promotion, and a mother who majored in piano performance, his childhood clearly revolved around music, with lessons at the age of 4  while soon after, devouring every album in the vast household library.

Having attended over 100 concerts before the age of 10, he knew he wanted to play music for a living and joined his first band in the 8th grade, with his first paying gigs by the age of 15. He began touring nationally straight out of college, and relocated to New York City, where he’s been working steadily as a bassist since 2005.

Trevor is the newest member of the Feliciano Touring Family, working with Jose since the summer of 2018.



Marc Alan – Sound Engineer 


Marc Alan has been mixing live music over the past 30 years, working in over 40 countries, for a diverse array of musical talent. “As an engineer who has always been a musician, I’m very fortunate and quite blessed, to have worked with some of the finest musicians in the world.

“From the time I was a teenage, going to see my first concert (The Kinks!) I was fascinated by the sound and lights. Later I starting mixing live sound in rock clubs in New York City, amazing places like CBGB and Cafe. It all ‘clicked’ when I was with SIR Studios in NYC, where I worked with artists like Jeff Beck, Paul Simon, Sting, Sonny Rollins, Robert Flack, Ozzy Osbourne and Aerosmith, the list goes on…

“I’m passionate about what I do but to have the honor of working for the brilliant maestro, Jose Feliciano and his incredible band, that has been a dream come true.”



Jonathan Jose Feliciano – Tour Manager & Drummer

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 11.16.36 AM

Jonnie was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1991, the first son of Susan and Jose Feliciano.

As a member of an  artsy and musical family, Jonnie chose to enter into it all as a toddler, “playing the drums” with chopsticks or pencils on a tin cookie can at 2½ years old; not unlike his father who was doing the same on a tin cracker can by age three! 

Jonnie, his brother, Michael, and sister, Melissa were homeschooled so his music was able to take a front seat along with his other interests and loves. At five, he appeared with his Dad on television with their take on Jonnie’s first, favorite song, “Born to be Wild” and by the time he was twelve, he’d join his Dad onstage for a song or two and later, with Mikey playing the bass in Jose’s alter-trio, “Two Kids and a Blind Guy.”

Pursuing his interests in technology for several years he circled back in order to travel with his Dad in 2017, first as his personal assistant, then as his tour manager and now, bringing passion and occupation together, as the band’s drummer, as well.


Jose’s Early Bands

Jose’s first band, however, was quite a different story. As a teenager, he was part of a jazz ensemble they called “The Modern Sound Trio”. Bobby Grogen was the drummer, Bliss Rodriguez, the pianist, and of course a very young Jose, played the electric guitar.

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 1.55.32 PM

They played at school dances and at the Lighthouse for the Blind in New York City, and even on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour, a major television variety show in the 1950’s and ’60’s.

Later, during the Light My Fire period of his career, the band consisted of the most warmly remembered and sentimentally regarded members, Ted Arnold on bass (who was the best man at Jose and Susan’s wedding — way back when –and they, in turn, are godparents to Teddy and Carol’s children, Jake and Sarah Beth), and the incomparable and beloved Paulinho Magalhaes, drummer and percussionist, who passed away in 1978. Along with Jose, this small combo embodied the ultimate in brotherhood, both musically and personally.

It was a special time for Jose on the road where the three “banded” together in a truly unique manner. There’s a place in his heart where those times together live still and where he and his music are better for it.