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Oct.9.17 – GEARING UP !!! Ready, Set, GO !!!

On Tuesday, October 9th, Jose Feliciano will arrive in London for rehearsals ahead of his Concert Tour 2017 with Jools Holland, beginning in Belfast, Ireland. This one, October 13th, will be the first of over 40 concerts and television performances between the 13th of October and the 23rd of December where Jools Holland and Jose Feliciano will be performing together.


Concerts will be in held in Ireland, Scotland and throughout England, dotted with television interviews on the BBC ONE TV, BBC TWO TV, ITV, radio interviews on the BBC Radio 2 and performances on “Later…with Jools” and “Jools’ Annual Hootnanny” telecast. Check out the Feliciano Calendar for times and locations.



~Home in Connecticut~

During the last few weeks, Jose had spent a goodly amount of time rehearsing his new material that will be part of his concert program during the next three months. He’s excited to be trying out something new, as well as in a different format, when he and Jools bring their music to the public throughout the British Isles.


Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 6.07.53 PM

Additionally, from the Jools Holland/Jose Feliciano album, “As You See Me Now”(which will be released on November 17th), its first single, “Let’s Find Each Other Tonight” has hit the A-List on the BBC Radio 2 !!



~Home in Lower Austria~

Prior to his arrival in London, Jose Feliciano was in his Austrian home where he and his manager, Helmuth Schärf, were honored for their philanthropic work in their Baden District town in Lower Austria. A lively and local event took place over the weekend, where a street in Leobersdorf was renamed in honor Feliciano, now to be known as:



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