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Nov.28.15 – Cuba Amiga Comes to Los Angeles!



A Latin Fusion CUBA AMIGA

Erwin Schrott in Concert with special guest José Feliciano

The LA OPERA at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

DECEMBER 12, 2015

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In an extraordinary concert, Erwin Schrott and Friends, the audience is taken on a journey through the musical world and rhythms of Latin America. In a unique Latin fusion, CUBA AMIGA delivers various rhythms – from the Bolero to Salsa; Flamenco,  Timba, Rumba, the Cha-Cha, Guajira, Samba and the Tango.

Operatic star, bass-baritone ERWIN SCHROTT who took the world by storm with his ECHO Classic Award-Winning Album, ROJOTANGO, is now presenting “CUBA AMIGA,” the logical continuation of “ROJOTANGO” in that it was inspired by the music and life of legendary tango performer, CARLOS GARDEL, who, like Erwin Schrott, was born in Uruguay.

Eighty years ago, the famous singer and iconic personality, Carlos Gardel, embarked upon a promotional concert tour throughout Latin America to present his film, “El Día que Me Quieras”. The tour was to have ended with the film’s premiere in CUBA, but Gardel’s dream ended by a tragic airplane crash in Colombia.

Erwin Schrott metaphorically traces Gardel’s footsteps in this concert with a musical journey throughout South America. Erwin views the evening as “A thank-you to Maestro Gardel and to Cuba as the source of inspiration and genesis of many unique styles of music and immortal songs.”

For this project, an international ensemble of outstanding musicians has been assembled from classical and jazz – musical friends from around the world. For example…
Internationally-renowned singer, guitarist, composer and Grammy Award-winner, JOSÉ FELICIANO has been invited by Erwin Schrott to join him as his very special guest in “Cuba Amiga.”

Feliciano, known for his revolutionizing the Bolero, initially in the late sixties and early seventies throughout South and Central America and yet again with his more recent Señor Bolero Collection, is regarded as the Maestro of the Bolero. He will bring his own passion for this legendary music to CUBA AMIGA, as well as some of the music it engendered following those glorious days of Gardel and his contemporaries.

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It is always a joy for Jose to corroborate with Erwin, for together they bring new life to a honored musical heritage which has long been cherished by devotees and is now appreciated by younger listeners who thrill in the magic of Cuba Amiga and everything it brings to the stage!

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