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NOV.24.18 – RICK JARRARD: Christmas Music, Again Defined

Broadway’s Spectacular Musical Production: HAMILTON —

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The creators and producers of the Tony Award-winning Broadway phenomenon, have chosen their Holiday Season curtain call finale for 2018:


Listen Here…

written by RICK JARRARD  and  LAWRENCE FORSEY and originally recorded by JOSE FELICIANO 


Rewind: In 1968, RICK JARRARD was a staff producer for RCA Records in California when Jose Feliciano, newly transplanted from New York, was assigned to him by the label as a new artist.

Accordingly, Rick visited a club near L.A. where Jose was performing  to listen to the music of this young talent in order to get a feel for his new assignment.

What he found in the depth and breadth of Feliciano’s talent was awe-inspiring to him as a producer but ultimately, as a friend. Together they forged a union not only in their close relationship but in their work in creating a true musical legacy.

The multi-Grammy Award-winning Feliciano! album, which featured Light my Fire, along with all the successful albums that would follow, became known as the definitive “Feliciano Sound” which has been loved by generations of listeners around the world.

But ironically, among all of the musical genres in which they’ve recorded, it was the little holiday tune at Rick’s insistence to “write a new Christmas song…” that inspired “Feliz Navidad,” their  ‘little opus magnum,’ which would  become a career-changer for both Rick and Jose.

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Fast forward to 2018 during this Golden Anniversary of their Light My Light experience:  Rick Jarrard learns that the creators and producers of HAMILTON, Broadway’s  hottest ticket in many years, have chosen Rick’s composition ON THIS CHRISTMAS NIGHT (recorded originally by Jose Feliciano), as their curtain call finale during this Christmas Holiday Season.

Go ahead, listen again…


Jose explains, “It was a song of Rick’s that he had brought to me to record a few years back.  We had a wonderful time in the studio and knew it was a special song but to date, it hasn’t been released.

“I’m so thrilled that it will be part of  Hamilton. Rick deserves the honor of such an accomplishment. It may sound cliché, but it really, really couldn’t happen to a nicer, more deserving fellow. I’m so proud and happy for him!

“If it were any other production on Broadway or a feature film of any kind, it wouldn’t have the same significance. It’d be nice,  for sure, but there is nothing like Hamilton out there. It’s in a class of its own. And that’s why I’m so happy because Rick  — he’s in a class of his own, too.”

The Hamilton Brass searched countless hundreds of Christmas Songs  for their Holiday curtain call and chose Rick’s ON THIS CHRISTMAS NIGHT for their 2018 finale number. Their interpretation will be released on a CD with music from other Broadway shows and off-Broadway and traveling productions  in support of CAROLS FOR A CURE 2018, VOLUME 20  — to benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids.

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 The CD can be purchased after the shows or now on and after Christmas on iTunes, with all monies benefiting the charity.

In Rick’s words,  “Thank you, Hamilton*!”

*…and Jose echoes that, in unison.

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