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Nov.24.16 – For Immediate Release


Helmuth Schaerf, personal manager and producer for Fireworks International, announces the release of FIVE MUSICAL PROJECTS with Jose Feliciano, a major CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY SEASON TOUR 2016 and more.

The collection of albums, all Limited Edition, vinyl and CD releases include works of Jose Feliciano in several distinct genres. They include: DJANGOIZING: a realization of a dream inspired by one of Jose’s childhood heroes, Django Reinhardt. Django’s gypsy swing moved Jose to explore and absorb his style of jazz, resulting in a brilliant collection of Latin-Gypsy Swing pieces he calls Djangoizing. Simply speaking, with the corroboration of Harri Strojka, the Viennese-Roman-Gypsy jazz-swing guitarist, and with his own stroke of genius, they simply sent the project Over the Moon.

Happy Birthday, Les!  celebrates the centennial anniversary of the legendary Les Paul. Recorded with the Les Paul Trio at the Iridium Jazz Club on Broadway in New York City’s Times Square, the album captures some of the ambiance reminiscent of those Monday nights when Les and his Trio would ‘wow’ the crowd and leave them anticipating the next Monday. Jose and Les’ Trio spent two such Mondays recording a casual, organic album that surely would have made Les smile on his 100th Birthday.

My Latin Street, vol.1  Of greatest significance is Jose Feliciano’s sojourn along My Latin Street, as it is the consummate anthology of his musical roots, featuring much of what’s defined Feliciano as an Artist for so many years. It’s a collection of music that’s been gathered together and recorded during the past several years throughout the United States and Europe.  My Latin Street is comprised of special pieces of music that have touched Jose’s heart, personally. The recordings are in Spanish, English and Italian and are upbeat, introspective and romantic. The collection is supported by an impressive, as well as eclectic, roster of internationally-renowned guest vocalists and instrumentalists from a variety of genres. Subsequently, My Latin Street offers a unique experience, featuring both original material and new interpretations, all Jose’s personal favorites. My Latin Street is the most comprehensive collection of music, ever: celebrating the Legacy of Jose Feliciano.

Jose Feliciano – Feliz Navidad!  While bending a knee of gratitude to Feliciano’s first Christmas Album, produced by Rick Jarrard, and which first released Feliz Navidad with all of its enduring sentiments, this album not only speaks to the tradition and celebration of this time of year, but also to a call for true and real Peace in our time. It’s an interesting and varied mix of music; some of it perhaps, expected but some of it, certainly not.

Mozart’s Castrato Arias:  FINALLY…Feliciano’s admittedly most challenging, as well as most satisfying, project reflecting his life-long passion for the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is revealed in his Mozart’s Castrato Arias; a collection of operatic arias for castrati by Wolfgang Mozart. It was recorded with members of the Sofia Symphonic Orchestra and features the utterly miraculous 5+ octave voice of male soprano, Arno Raunig. In this collection of Mozartian arias, Jose performs each of the the pieces on classical acoustic guitar; a feat never before accomplished!

In addition to launching a dramatic cache of music, Feliciano will be supporting his new releases with a Christmas Holiday Tour: In November and December, Feliciano will be presenting his new stage show in Austria, Gibraltar, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Sweden and in the United States in Atlantic City, Newark and New York City.

Two MUSIC VIDEOS  have been created, one of which is the first-ever official video produced for Jose Feliciano, celebrating the Grammy Hall of Fame’s and ASCAP’s List of Most-Played Holiday Songs, the annual and iconic carol, Feliz Navidad in time for the 2016 Season. The second, from the Djangoizing album, is the Harry Lime Theme from the Third Man.

On November 17th, MTV LIVE aired Later…with Jools, BBC2’s trailblazing musical variety program where Jose Feliciano and show host, Jools Holland,  corroborated for the first time on stage. On December 4th, Banco Popular will air their newest production featuring Feliciano in De Puerto Rico Para El Mundo, in their markets throughout the US and Latin America. On December 24th, Jose will appear on the traditional Christmas Eve telethon special, “Linct in Dunkel,” Austria’s beloved annual charity event. Additionally, Jose Feliciano with join Paul“can you hear that?”Marcarelli in a Christmas Season Holiday ad for Sprint.

For More Information, Contact:

Helmuth SchaerfLA CLIP Productions – +1.43.664.1316717 –

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