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Nov.22.14 – As It Heats Up In the Fall…

Each year, Jose Feliciano finds that his schedule ramps up a degree or two as the Holiday Season calls out for some “Feliz Navidad” and audiences everywhere want to see and hear him perform his iconic Christmas classic. At only half way through November, Jose has already performed his song throughout the Americas and in both Asia and Europe.

Summertime had barely bid its abrupt adieu when Jose celebrated, with enormous success, his return to Puerto Rico. FOX NEWS had just aired a one-on-one for Hispanic Heritage Month the day before and immediately  thereafter, he totally switched gears and performed with the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra on the plaza of the Cathedral, in Croatia’s capital.

Afterwards, Jose shared the spotlight with two Serbian superstars, songstress Dragana Mirkovic at her 30th Anniversary Concert, and the sumptuous Maybach Coupe and its 2015 Debut, amidst star-studded VIPs and fireworks to light the Serbian sky.

Back in New York City, the Big Apple found Jose performing for a good friend of his, one of the business worlds’ brightest Stars, as the gentleman launched his autobiography and hosted an event for his colleagues and peers on Central Park South.

Finally, with a chance to take in a bit of  ‘Autumn in New New England,’ Jose enjoyed a little downtime at home. He spent a couple of days in his studio recording another song (an anthem, really) in Italian, “Va Penseiro,”  as part of his upcoming LATIN STREET MMXV, and in a word: Magnifico! Really wonderful.  Soon after, he  traveled up North to Toronto to make a cameo appearance on the First Christmas Special of the wildly diverse and talented rock band, “Walk Off The Earth” which will air throughout Canada on December 8th.

From there, a quick shift in the dynamic sent Jose to Asia, and Tokyo’s happening nightspot, “The Blue Note,” where he gave six amazing performances to highly  enthusiastic audiences. “Arigato, Japan! Jose can’t wait to return to all of you!”

Departing the Far East, Jose jetted to the Heart of Europe, to Vienna, where he has spent the last week in seclusion, working intensely on a groundbreaking project: Jose Feliciano is transcribing a collection of Mozart’s operatic arias which were written for castrati, and is playing them on guitar, backed beautifully by members of the Sofia Symphonic Orchestra. When finished later next week, it will ultimately be mixed in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound and released worldwide in 2015. Never attempted before, Jose Feliciano is the first guitarist to ever undertake such a demanding, yet sublime, musical endeavor.

In the rapidly fleeting weeks ahead, Jose looks forward to returning home for a belated Thanksgiving Feast; a televised interview with Telemundo and a special Internet Broadcast of “Live From Daryl’s House;” Holiday Concerts in Connecticut, Maryland, Florida and New York; a Gala in Dusseldorf, Germany where he will be honored as a role model for his social and ecological commitment and Citizen of the World; a PBS Television Christmas Special from New Orleans slated for 2015 and another in Salzburg, Austria, (Mozart’s birthplace) and the home of another Christmas Icon, “Silent Night.” It will air throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland on ORF2, BR and 3SAT during December.  Then, it’ll be home for Christmas to participate with his church choir!

It’s busy/crazy but it’s a Wonderful Life…thanks for sharing it with us!


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