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Nov.15.16 – FELIZ NAVIDAD – 2016!!!

There are millions upon millions of views all over YouTube, and an equal amount of hits on iTunes, Pandora and all your other digital options out there. There’s a Grammy Hall of Fame accolade and an ASCAP’s List of Most-Played Holiday Songs trophy on the mantle, but until now, no official video! Until now…

Jose Feliciano, along with his manager/producer Helmuth Schaerf, present for the very first time, the Jose Feliciano Feliz Navidad Official Video 2016, celebrating the perennial carol, beloved the world over:

~:~:~ FELIZ NAVIDAD ~:~:~


Jose and his little friend, FaWiJo, got together with some friends in Upper Austria to celebrate the sheer joy and perennial appeal of this timeless Christmas classic.


Have some fun with it as did we and, of course, a Feliz Navidad!

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