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Message from Jose

Jose Feliciano
Internationally celebrated and recipient of nine Grammy Awards, Jose Feliciano is acclaimed by critics around the world as today’s greatest guitarist. His musicianship and unique vocal style have earned him innumerable accolades for generations, yet it is his affable personality, quick wit and precocious behavior that is his real charm. He has earned his reputation as a world-class performer and continues to be one of the most highly respected and notable artists in the entertainment industry today. It is my honor to share His Story with you, a story that has become the backbone of my life and that of countless others around the world.

I can tell you that as a little boy, Jose was beset with a litany of obstacles; among them he was blind, poor and sickly. He was born in the pre-Operation Bootstrap hills of Puerto Rico, in a tarpaper shack with no plumbing and no electricity, but within 25 years he was known around the world as one of the brightest stars in the music industry. He has gone on to delight and inspire millions upon millions of listeners for over 50 years!

Some of this magic, we hope, has been captured within the pages of this website, dedicated to you, the reason this star still continues to shine today. I hope while you take the time to browse through the many pages lovingly designed for you in this site, you will enjoy yourself and be assured of our gratitude. God bless you.

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