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Jose Feliciano truly has a gift, beyond the obvious, which he shares with us. The longer I know him, the more I realize how very special he is: his wit and wisdom (the latter being overshadowed by the former); his sense of honor and compassion for others and his intuitive nature. Anyone who has spent any time with Jose Feliciano has emerged a better person for it. His humor and knowledge is legendary, his reputation has remained solidly intact, despite bumps in the road that occur in anyone’s life. But what’s always impressed me the most, indeed, it impresses me even still, is his ability to communicate with people; people from all walks of life, all statures, all ages.

While constructing and maintaining Jose’s Personal Website, I’ve solicited the letters and the insights of friends and those who have experienced the magic of Jose Feliciano, both on record and in person. It occurred to me suddenly, that I, too, who have known Jose for over forty years (!) and having traveled with him regularly for almost twenty of them (until our daughter was born and we began a family). I also cherish a treasury of moments and memories that could fill volumes!

With that I began to relive some of the hundreds (thousands – dare I say – millions?) of moments that have touched my heart and have made me, in a way, who I am today.

Fondly, Susan Feliciano+

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Over the years, Jose, as we’ve all come to know, has performed for and with many of the most important people on earth. His repartee with any of them has been immediate but so also is it with all whom he meets. It’s amazing how he can connect with — and relate to — everyone, no matter their age or origin, their interests or background, on a level appropriate for that moment. Whether it’s a greeting in their own language, or a shared interest in a specific time or place or even a favorite kind of food or music, he manages to reach that certain place inside of them which makes them feel as though he knows them well. And he does. Such a gift.

This ability to reach people has been honed over time–with the benefit of constant travel and an inquisitive ear–he has captured the essence of people and places around the world. With a love of both history and current affairs, he has amassed an incredible store of knowledge, which he openly shares with those closest to him.

For this, I’ll be forever grateful. I’ll remain grateful for the ability to better read people and empathize. So, too, shall I always cherish the years shared ‘on he road’ (though I’m most proud of my position, now, as mother, ‘housewife’ and business partner) and will remember those moments that have sculpted our life: the magnificent acoustics in the Sydney Opera House; the horrifying hotel fire in Puerto Rico; our beloved St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna; the wildly enthusiastic crowds in Caracas; the Royal family in Norway; the bullet trains in Kyoto; the ancient castle in Segovia, Spain; the sleepless one-nighters throughout the U.S. and, especially, riding a camel in front of the Pyramids.

Love, Susan+