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May.26.14 – LEST WE FORGET…

To our Friends here in the United States:

Here with this a-picture-tells-a-thousand-words blog, we implore you to stop and ponder WHAT we are ‘celebrating’ (commemorating) on this day. We’ve seen mattress sale ads and beach chair photos, heard barbecue commercials and of course, cars are such a deal right now…

You wonder how many of us really stop and think of what we’re doing. For just a few moments flip on the History (H2) Channel today or walk through a cemetery or open a history book and we may get a glimpse of what’s really going on here.

Young, (and we mean some of them really young) men (and women) who never came back home to their families have made it possible for us to be who we are today; to play (or watch) baseball all day long or to drive to the beach or enjoy Happy Hour with friends. They would have given their eye-teeth to be able to do that, too, but instead, they gave even more: paying the ultimate price for our freedom, and our lifestyles which we cherish today.

Please, just take a moment and, as they say, “remember.” Say a prayer for them, light a candle, teach your children what today’s all about: not only the beginning of the summer season but also a day when we promise to ‘Never Forget’ the gifts of bravery that others, maybe even in our own families, have provided us all.



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