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May.24.15 – Feliciano’s Summer Tour ’15 Begins!

A Rockin’ Country Music Festival in Bakersfield, California kicked off the Feliciano Summer Tour last nite with a bang. Thousands of people came to enjoy a lineup of Stars on the Rock, Legend and Country stages, continuing well into the nite.

Today, it’s on to Los Angeles where The Grammy Organization will interview Jose Feliciano as a part of their Living History Series, galvanizing a forty-year relationship   shared by the Artist and the Organization. Only a handful of people have received Grammy Awards spanning a forty-year period; Jose is Feliciano is one of them. He’s got a lot to talk about with them!

A similar interview will be given to NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants, and their ORAL HISTORY SERIES. NAMM offers educational resources in the form of in-depth interviews by many the industry’s greatest contributors to music so that music teachers and public schools benefit, free of charge,  as teaching tools. Jose feels strongly about music education so both interviews have great significance to him.

PLUS… Jose will be all over the airwaves on Monday and Tuesday as he hits the PR circuit telling everyone about  Texas Rising, the new 10-hour mini-series produced for The History Channel, premiering on Monday, May 25th and continuing through June. Jose, who traveled to The Alamo last week to participate in the red carpet premiere event, is thrilled to be a featured guitarist in the blockbuster film.

Close to his heart, finally, is Last Chance for Animals, a PSA that will be produced by celebrity photographer and animal activist, Christopher Ameruoso, featuring Jose and his own rescue dog, Stella!, as together they encourage pet lovers to “Adopt. Don’t Shop.”

Then, it’s a red-eye flight back to New York to meet up with his band and catch a flight to Europe where more fun continues in Switzerland…but it’s only the beginning.


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