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May.08.18 – Coming Home…

Since the beginning of Jose Feliciano’s Anniversary Year Celebration, he’s already touched-down practically all over the world. In England and Austria, in Panama and Chile, in Hong Kong and Australia and up and down the East Coast of the United States; he’s covered a lot of ground.

In bringing his music to so many places already in 2018, he’s enjoyed connecting with people of many cultures, faiths, political outlooks and dreams while taking the opportunity to share ideas in how we might be able to provide, at least for our children, a better tomorrow. Jose loves to connect with people. And, people really love Jose — they have for over fifty years. Accordingly, he’s especially enjoying this kickstart towards his ‘next fifty.’

Traveling the world, however, is quite different than ‘coming home.’ Not back home to Connecticut where he gets to land his wheels and reboot, but to his homeland, in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico stands apart from any other place on Earth for Jose Feliciano. It is here where he first felt breath in his lungs and heard a calling in his heart towards a life surrounded by, and lived for, music. It is here where he also first felt the calling, deep in his soul, to share it with others. It’s been a life where he’s fortunately been able to live for both.

Following “Maria,” the devastating Hurricane which ravished his Island Home and upset the lives of the people he loves, he was caught in between his duty — a 3-month tour of the British Isles — and his desire. Every single day the storm continued to rage inside of him, his personal torment, leading him to become their Ambassador, sharing their plight wherever he traveled. In his encounters with others around the world, he’d rarely omit sharing his fears and despair for his own homeland and her people. He’d petition his audiences – large and small – to not only have hope for them in creating a better tomorrow but please, to offer help for them in bringing relief right now. 

In the months following the hurricane, Jose remained glued to news reports, offering continual petitions to God, hoping and praying he’d be able to get back home. Miraculously, his concert to perform at Bellas Artes in San Juan scheduled nearly a year ago, was never canceled so thankfully, Jose will be able to come home again and embrace his Island and her People.

This week, Jose returns home to sing and play and to laugh and cry with all those whom he cares for throughout the island. It’ll be a visceral experience; deeper than just deep. Deeper even, than to the core…


In Jose’s words:

“Please keep Puerto Rico in your heart and mind. They still need our help.”


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