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Mar.9.18 – For Puerto Rico

Even before the wind started to blow down trees throughout the island Jose calls “Home,” he was scared for his people but torn by his personal calendar as it was taking him on a three-month concert tour of the British Isles with Jools Holland, leaving him completely out of the loop.

Even before Maria hit Puerto Rico, he sent out a message via Twitter assuring them all of his prayers and pledge to help. Jose did pray and contribute privately, but almost as immediately, expressed a desire to do more. He wanted to reach out to some of his friends to organize a gathering where, after the hype had died down where generally good-hearted people inevitably move on to the next catastrophe,  he could help them to realize that Puerto Rico would not know ‘normal’ again for months, if not years, to come.

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What came together is a Gala that will be held at the prestigious Roundhouse in London on April 30th. It will comprise an eclectic gathering of artists who will join Jose in an evening of music, complementing an extraordinary meal prepared by the celebrated Michelin-starred chef and television personality, Johann Lafer.

A plan immediately took root with the encouragement of Jools Holland who enlisted his own Rhythm & Blues Orchestra and the dynamite diva herself, the dynamic Ruby Turner in its earliest moments of conception. Then Jose’s onstage players, Jelena Krstic and Ulrich Elison, both talented and entertaining in their own right,  jumped onboard and suddenly, the party became “a happening.”

Soon after, the delightful Dragana Mirković from Serbia and Mr. George McCrae from the U.S. joined in and suddenly, the complexion of a really diverse, yet single-minded troupe of artists, became quite evident.

Others will be joining the lineup and hopefully, Jose’s desire to

Keep Puerto Rico in Mind and Heart

will be accomplished.

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