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Mar.20.15 – On the Road Again…

Jose Feliciano caught his audience in Barcelona off-guard Wednesday night when he walked onstage wearing a Barca Football Club supporter’s scarf around his neck. Jose likes scarves; wears them frequently but when his son realized that his dad would be performing in Barcelona on the night of a CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL, it was a no-brainer: we follow soccer and love Barcelona. Jose was all-in and the crowd loved it…and Jose really, really loves them, as well.

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Tucked in between his and his audience’s favorite songs during the evening, Jose let them in on a part of his upcoming trilingual CD, “Latin Street, MMXV” and played one of his Spanish songs, “No Me Olvidas.” Jose commented later, “I really think they liked it!!” The album is due out later this year.

The day before he had flown in from Romania where he had performed for the people of Bucharest in a concert and after-visit that went well on into the evening. It was the first performance of his 2015 Tour where even a cold, late winter rain couldn’t dampen his spirits to return to Bucharest and perform on the same (albeit, post-cold war) stage where he had played before that “iron curtain” would come down some fifteen years later. “It’s nice to be back and play for the people here; I’m happy to see that their spirit is, again, free!”

Today Jose is in Upper Austria, in the rural village of Gmunden where his driver, bringing him from the airport, was excited to have Jose in his car. The fellow proceeded to tell him that way back when, when his was just 13, he stowed himself away in a bathroom for 6 hours where he hid, waiting for the gates to open to sneak inside and see Jose Feliciano in concert. Six hours! In a bathroom! That deserves a “JOSE-FANatic Award” without question. Jose was almost speechless — and very touched.

Jose loves to play  for his Austrian audiences, and will do so this evening before returning to his studio and second home outside of Vienna. Most people already know that Austria holds a special place in his heart, so during his stay this time around he will not only grab a few days of R&R with some friends, enjoying a few typical Bavarian dishes and red wine, but also,  more recording in his studio ahead of his major releases slated for 2015 – AND- a birthday party for his dearest 90 year-old darling and “Second Mama,” Madame Schaerf.

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