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Mar.12.16 – “…and now, for your listening pleasure…!”

Ever since Jose was a little boy, his radio has been his constant companion. Even today, on his iPhone you’ll find him listening to Sirius or other apps providing that familiar companionship with the world, especially the world of music.

A few months ago, we thought maybe you, too, might enjoy a place to go to, to listen to (why not?) All-Feliciano; All the Time! So, over the past few weeks we’ve been tweaking a couple of different options, player-wise, to bring you Feliciano’s music whenever you visit his website, automatically on your computer and with an initial ‘click’ on your handheld devices (which are designed that way to save battery life, by the way). Plus, as technology marches on, it’ll only get better on that score, too. We’ve already gotten off to a pretty decent start: over 100 songs and we’ve just scratched the surface.

You can listen to Jose Feliciano’s entire musical life right here: from the time he was around 10 and recorded a song for his mother (Amor Jibaro), to others recorded during his career in Spanish,  English, Portuguese and Italian; in the pop markets, as well as Classical, Jazz, Rock ’n’ Roll, the Blues and Instrumentals; in the form of new songs, old songs, original material and, of course, in his signature style of interpretation. The playlist continues to grow and, gratefully, so has the positive feedback from people who, even before its official launch, have told us they enjoy listening…

Inger B. from Switzerland wrote just yesterday, “I visit your page frequently but now when I do I can also stay there just listening to the music as I do my computer work. Thank you so much for this, Jose! I love listening to your music, even in Spanish. When I don’t understand the words, I understand the music!”  We invite you to send along a note, too, if you have a song request to add to the playlist!

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Feliciano Music. Radio Feliz. All here. All the time. Check it out and enjoy.

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