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June.8.15 – The Big Reveal!

Today, Jose Feliciano met with Christiane Armanpour, CNN’s Chief International Correspondent and anchor of “Armanpour.,” CNN International’s flagship nightly global affairs program. Jose shared that for almost three years he and his manager/producer, Helmuth Schaerf, have worked on a collection of ambitious musical projects that is being revealed while in London, ahead of Jose’s 70th year this September.

They include Latin Street MMXV, a melodic thumbprint of Jose’s life; Happy Birthday, Les!, the live acoustic concert and centennial accolade to The Great Les Paul; Live in Tel Aviv, a performance recorded at the Nokia Arena with Israel’s Raanana Symphonette Orchestra; The soundtrack single release, “Igual Que Yo,  from the History Channel’s new miniseries, Texas Rising and Jose’s admittedly most challenging work, Mozart’s Castrato Arias, a collection of some of Wolfgang Mozart’s most compelling pieces, transcribed for the first time, on acoustic guitar.

Latin Street MMXV is the consummate anthology of Jose’s musical roots, featuring  much of what defines Feliciano as an Artist. The collection includes  songs in Spanish, English and Italian, both upbeat and romantic, with internationally renowned guest vocalists and instrumentalists in a variety of genres. It contains both original material and new interpretations of some of Jose’s favorite music. With over thirty titles, it is  a most comprehensive collection of the Definitive Feliciano.

Happy Birthday, Les! celebrates the centennial anniversary of the legendary Les Paul! Recorded with the Les Paul Trio at the Iridium Jazz Club on Broadway in New York City’s Times Square, the album captures some of the ambiance reminiscent  of those Monday nites when Les and his Trio would ‘wow’ the crowd and leave them anticipating the next Monday. Jose and Les’ Trio spent two such Mondays recording a casual, organic album that would make Les smile on his 100th Birthday…June 9th…the album’s release date.

Jose Feliciano has performed with symphonic orchestras around the world for years but when he had the opportunity to record a concert Live in Tel Aviv at the Nokia Arena with the Raanana Symphonette Orchestra, he did so, featuring his friend, mentor and conductor, Maestro Jimmie Haskell. He and Jose go back to the beginning of Jose’s career when Jimmie was already an iconic, award-winning composer and arranger working on films, in television and with music-industry greats across the board. Their work together is legendary, like all of Haskell’s career — and this album, dedicated to Jimmie, is a testament to their deep musical connection.

ThinkFactory Media has produced a new, 10-hour mini-series for the History Channel recounting the Texas Revolution in the aftermath of the savage defeat at the Alamo called, Texas Rising, where Jose is the featured guitar soloist throughout the series. The Texas Rising Soundtrack CD on Universal features Jose’s music in a song entitled, “Igual Que Yo, original composition which speaks to the charming and loving relationship between the historical characters, Erastus “Deaf” Smith and his wife, Guadalupe (Lupe), who weigh heavily in the storyline.

AND FINALLY…Feliciano’s admittedly most challenging as well as most satisfying project reflecting his life-long passion for the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is revealed in his Mozart’s Castrato Arias, a collection of operatic arias for castrati by Wolfgang Mozart performed with the Sofia Symphonic Orchestra and featuring Soprano Arno Raunig. In this collection of Mozartian arias, Jose performs each of the the pieces on classical acoustic guitar; a feat never before accomplished! Bravo, Jose, on all accounts, Bravo!

Stay tuned in the days and weeks ahead for more on each of Jose’s ambitious projects in his 2015-Feliciano Collection.




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