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Jun.16.16 “Brothers” from “Sister-Islands” Meet Up in the Big Apple!

Jose Feliciano had the pleasure of meeting with Cuban Artist, Roberto Chile, as he shares his photographic art with America in a month-long exhibition in the Cuban Art Space, The Center for Cuban Studies, on West 29th Street in New York City.

Roberto Chile, visiting from Cuba, is an accomplished photographer, filmmaker and curator who served as Fidel Castro’s personal photographer for over twenty years. Some of his work, entitled “Somos” will be on display through July 10th, according to director, Sandra Levinson, our host on Friday afternoon. She arranged a personal meeting between the two and graciously made everyone feel very much at home.

The two ‘Brothers from another Mother’ chatted at length in the New York center, sang together, laughed, shared a little libation and vowed to do it again very soon!


Afterwards, Sandra recommended Jeremy Merrin’s Havana Central in the Theater District for dinner before returning to Connecticut. The Feliciano’s were again, welcomed warmly and enjoyed one of the best nights out-on-the-town in a long time.

Jose’s presence became known early on and in between dinner and dessert a parade of staff members and guests made their way to his booth for an exchange of words and a quick ‘pic’ or selfie.

During this time, it had been discreetly planned by Jose and the guitarist for the guest band that he would give a mini pop-up appearance, singing the Cuban classic, “Como Fue,” before his departure. Upon rising from the table, the entire kitchen and waitstaff gathered together in thunderous applause, arousing, if not startling, the guests seated all around who, in seeing what was happening, joined in the accolade! When seated with the band, Jose started to play the opening chords of the Beny Moré  classic, with a circle of telephones pointed in his direction. New York. Oh, New York.



It was quite a moment.

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