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July.25.15 – Feliciano Joins Erwin Schrott in Munich’s Renowned Opera House


–Erwin Schrott & Friends, The National Theatre, Munich GERMANY–

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On Friday night, Feliciano had the pleasure of joining famed Uruguayan operatic bass-baritone, ERWIN SCHROTT, at the National Theater in Munich, Germany, during this year’s Munich Opera Festival.

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The event, envisioned and developed by Mr. Schrott, brings him and his audience back to the music of his childhood; the music reminiscent of his parents: the Tango, the Mambo, the Samba and the Bolero. In looking back to that time, he wanted to bring this music, so familiar and beloved, to the operatic stage where today he has solidly earned his own place among the greats of the classical world.

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The production entitled CUBA AMIGA, is a celebration of Latin Music presented with a decidedly classical interpretation. An international ensemble of outstanding musicians  came together from the classical, modern and jazz arenas – Erwin’s musical companions and friends from around the world — to indulge themselves and their audience in savoring South America’s most passionate music: the timeless music of our childhood.

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FELICIANO, known for his revolutionizing the Bolero, initially in the late sixties and early seventies throughout South and Central America and yet again with his Señor Bolero Collection, is regarded as the Maestro of the Bolero. He and Erwin delighted in celebrating this and other Latin musical genres on stage, interpreting them all within the classical realm!

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In celebration of a great event with a beautiful concept which brings joy to the heart as well as to the ear, Schrott and Feliciano look forward to future opportunities to bring this glorious music to other venues around the world!

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