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July.24.14 For Immediate Release



Live in Tel Aviv,a concert with the Ra’anana Symphonette Orchestra, was filmed and recorded at the Nokia Arena in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound, offering a stunning example of Feliciano’s Orchestral Performance, similar to that which he presents with Symphony orchestras around the world. To be released in August, 2014


Jose Feliciano and Serbian superstar Dragana Mirkovic have recorded a new ballad in both English and Spanish, entitled “Don’t Go Away” and “No Te Vallas”. Additionally, a bilingual LambaTon (a rhythm combining both English and Spanish with an uptempo mix of digital effects, drums and percussion) was recorded, plus Jose created his own club mix— giving the song yet another dimension. Three videos were filmed on location in Serbia to support each of the musical genres of Jose’s new “Don’t Go Away/NoTe Vallas.”  To be released in August, 2014


Christmas Music holds an important place in Feliciano’s heart and the heart of the holiday music industry holds Feliciano in high esteem with his iconic Feliz Navidad. Inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, Feliz Navidad is among the top 25 Holiday Songs of the Century, according to ASCAP. This year, Feliz Navidad will be redefined to appeal to yet another generation of listeners while Jose releases it along with classics including, “Ave Maria” and others, as well as brand new Christmas Holiday songs. For the 2014 Holiday Season


Jose Feliciano has entered into the classical realm by adapting a treasury of MOZART ARIAS ON GUITAR. The exquisite result of Jose Feliciano with one of Sofia, Bulgaria’s most important symphony orchestras is historic in its concept and delivery and will feature special guest artist, Arno Raunig, the only 5-octave male soprano in the music industry.  Currently in production


Feliciano will be scoring an independent film about an introverted young Texas woman named Ruby in search of her Father, “Jose Feliciano”. “Ruby Booby,” the tragicomedy loosely based on his celebrity, will feature Feliciano’s music throughout the film about Ruby’s journey ‘…to find her Daddy.” Currently in production


Fulfilling a 30-year dream to share the treasury of his Caribbean Culture, the Don Jose Feliciano Brand is launching three new products. The first is Feliciano’s personal Blend of Coffee which is grown, processed and packaged in participation with the Fair Trade movement.   Also, “Cigars with Strings” is a premium, hand-rolled cigar developed in association with master blender, Guenther Schichl, from fertile regions renown for their highest quality Corojo leaves. Finally, the sweet tooth will be well satisfied as Don Jose Fine Chocolates become a part of the Feliciano Brand family. Top quality cacao beans, organically grown and blended with selected ingredients, milk & dark chocolates will bear the Feliciano name proudly.


For more information regarding the Don Feliciano Brand products, contact Helmuth Schaerf at the email address below to access video presentation online. With the Don Feliciano Brand products, Jose brings favorite favors from his island background to the rest of the world and to the people who have so graciously embraced him and his music all his life.



Management: Helmuth Schaerf,

Media/Promotion: Judy Katz of KATZ PR (212) 489-5595

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