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Jul.4.14 – 50-Strong!

Jose recently discovered that 50 years ago this past month, on June 8th to be exact, tracks were recorded for an album that was to be called, “The Voice and Guitar of Jose Feliciano.” One of those songs that would be his very first single release, was a little tune that he wrote (one that Jose would rather forget) called “Everybody Do The Click.” It didn’t make too much noise in the English market but in the Philippines it was huge! Not many people realize that Jose Feliciano’s first hit record was not in North or South America or even in Europe or Australia, but rather, in the Philippines! Salamat po!

This year, 50 years after his debut success, Jose will be releasing no less that 4 unique projects, the first two:

“Live in Tel Aviv” - CD & DVD  from the Nokia Arena in Dolby 5.1 surround sound featuring the Ra’anana Symphonette Orchestra, is being released this month!

“Don’t Go Away” -a new recording and videos featuring Dragana Merkovic,  Southeastern Europe’s Superstar songstress, with whom Jose had great fun recording in both English and Spanish — in various styles  for alternate markets –is being released in July as well.

Jose loves Christmas music and so he is intrigued with an opportunity to record new songs for the Holiday Season along with some classics that need to be revisited, musically. Some of which you may be familiar while some you’ve probably never heard Jose perform.

PLUS – a classical adaptation of Mozart’s Arias for Castrati on guitar, serious stuff…the exquisite classic tracks have already been recorded…amazingly beautiful…but more on that later.

50 years stretching his musical legs in the studio and he’s never felt better; Jose is enjoying the prospect of a good, long run, musically and invites you to come along. Stay tuned!


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