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Nov.22.12-Jose Talks With MusicRadar

Jose Feliciano talks acoustic guitars and a lifetime of making music.

ACOUSTIC WEEK: “I’m not like other guitar players,” Jose Feliciano says, stating the kind of truism that is likely to elicit a “no kidding” response from even the most casual music fan. But it’s one the venerated fingerstyle legend is happy to expound on.

“In fact, I’m not even like most acoustic players because I use the nylon-string acoustic,” he says. “I do play steel-string and the electric guitar, too, because I love rock ‘n’ roll and guitarists like Jimi Hendrix. But my bread and butter has always been the nylon-string. Very few guitarists play nylon-string. They don’t know how to get the sound out of them. That’s something I’ve spent a lot of time on.”

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