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Jan.27.18 – Austria & Her Treasures

Having spent the last two weeks in Austria, recording primarily, but also giving interviews, attending meetings as well as an opulent private event in Vienna, Jose woke up this morning in his Connecticut bed to the thought that today, January 27th, is the 262nd birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart…!

Obviously, Mozart has always been and will always be, a huge part of  Feliciano to the extent that his talent, not only echoes the Gift with which Mozart was blessed, but the flavor with which he’s composed music in the Mozartean style.  “I’ve always felt his presence, somehow, to the point where at times, it overwhelms me.”

To that end and in celebration of Mozart’s birth we share with you two of Feliciano’s Mozartean efforts. Here, a classical piece, written and performed with the Berlin Symphony, his first homage to the Maestro, one Jose lovingly entitles,

The Mozartean Influence:


You see, although acclaimed in popular music around the world, Feliciano’s guitar work has never known borders, nor limitations. Consequently, another one of his burning ambitions was realized in a collection of Mozartian Arias for Castrati — an endeavor never before accomplished on classical guitar. So here is a selection from Feliciano’s album of Mozart’s Arias for Castrati, one of Wolfgang’s most exquisite pieces entitled,

Se L’Augellin Sen Fugge:

Being a perfect moment (that is, Today!),  in wishing Wolfie a “Happy Birthday,” we hope you listen to and enjoy along with us Mozart’s unmistakable influence over the

Sound of Feliciano.


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