Feliz Navidad Letters

Your “Feliz Navidad” Greetings/Memories to Jose

Jose Feliciano Christmas Album: Click here to read some shared messages and greetings

Jose has received an enormous amount of “Feliz Navidad” messages and greetings, for which he publicly thanks you. Even though he may not be able to personally answer all of them (though we try!), we read and cherish each and every one, we promise you.

Below is a small sampling of your messages and greetings to Jose to share with you here. The album cover to the left is the original 1970 pressing of the “Jose Feliciano Christmas Album” on RCA which unassumingly presented “Feliz Navidad” to the world for the very first time! Thanks again. God bless you always.

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I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing the moment I first heard Feliz Navidad. This song brings so much joy to my heart. Like many people the world over Feliz Navid is my favorite Christmas song.

This Christmas, I decided to finally do some research and find out who is the joyful man with the guitar singing Feliz Navidad like he really means it–to the entire universe! I must say that I am very humbled by the story of your life, Jose Feliciano. Wow! I thank God for you, your many talents and for the joy you have brought to the world through your music.

Decolores! Feliz Navidad!

As I heard “Feliz Navidad” on the radio, I’m reminded of what a unifying and wonderful song it is. Not only unifying for Latinos and other cultures, but unifying even to those of different faiths and walks of life. It’s just a nice positive message, and we need more of those. I can’t believe how long ago you wrote and recorded it. It sounds as fresh and vibrant as if it were brand new.

Feliz Navidad from the bottom of our hearts too, to you and yours,


Dear Mrs. Feliciano,

I am a Spanish teacher at a private school in Fort Myers, Florida called Canterbury. We are a Kindergarten learning the song Feliz Navidad. It is a real honor to sing such a wonderful Christmas song.

We would love to write you a letter to tell you how much we enjoy your song…We are 5 and 6 years old…Your husband has truly created a wonderful song that reflects our cultural diversity, especially here in Southwest Florida.

…I will be sending a card thanking Jose from the children. We have been learning so much about his remarkable life and now we appreciate his contribution more than ever! I have enclosed a picture. The card will be in the mail this weekend. Wishing you the happiest of holidays!

Sharon Curiel

Kindergarten Class Christmas Card to Jose

Dear Jose

I felt the need to write and tell you how much your song, Feliz Navidad, means to me. When you first released the song, my father used to struggle with the Spanish and it came out “Fleece Snobby Knob”. That became a special joke between my father and I and every time we’d hear it for the first time at Christmas we’d get each other on the phone and turn up the volume.

We lost my father 3 years ago this Christmas. As a gift for him that year, I had purchased a metal ornament that spelled out Feliz Navidad and the Hallmark ornament of a folk guitar that plays your song. When Dad passed, I kept the guitar for our tree but sent the Feliz Navidad ornament with him in the casket. When we left the funeral home that December 23rd, my husband turned on the radio and the first song that played on the way to the cemetary was your rendition of Feliz Navidad.

It took me a while to hit the button on the ornament and play the song and to not cry when I heard you on the radio but now it makes me smile and not cry so often. I’ve heard it SO many times in the last few days I just had to write.

Thank you for your part in fond memories of my father. To you and your family, Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo.

Donna Ricchuiti
Bear, DE

Hola Susan y José: tuve la suerte este año de ver a José en directo en el Teatro Grand Rex de Bs As y siempre tengo la misma impresión cada vez que por suerte presencio un concierto de José: él se reeinventa continuamente.

Deseo fervientemente lo mejor para la Familia Feliciano. PAZ Y AMOR. Gracias José por tanta musica y tanto talento.


Desde Buenos Aires, Argentina.


For me it’s one of the best Christmas songs ever, because everyone knows the lyrics and can sing along. All over the world it is a well known melody.

Jose, family and friends, we wish you a merry christmas and all the best wishes for 2012!

Hette Teerhuis
Marken – Holland

Dear Jose,

Thank you for the happiest song ever written! It has been part of my Christmases as long as I can remember, and my favorite Christmas memory involves your wonderful song.

It was my first year of law school, and it had been a very difficult semester. For no good reason, because I really am very fortunate in every way, I was feeling sorry for myself because I was still at school, most of the students had left except for us law school students, and we still had a couple of difficult final exams to go before we could leave for Christmas break.

I was in an empty classroom studying with a few of my classmates. We all were pretty stressed and unhappy and not really understanding what we were supposed to be studying. There was a podium in the classroom with a microphone. Suddenly one of my classmates, a nice Jewish boy who had gone to Georgetown, a nice Jesuit university, grabbed the mic and started singing Feliz Navidad and dancing like crazy all around and really hamming it up. The rest of us started laughing and singing and dancing, and afterward we all started to feel much better.

We all got through our exams and went home to our families, but I remember that moment every Christmas whenever I hear Feliz Navidad. It made me feel so happy and connected to my classmates in a rare moment of feeling depressed and isolated, but most of all, it made me realize how fortunate I was, and am, because I have always had loving friends and family around me, and I realize that, of course, not everyone does.

So your song, the happiest song every written, makes me feel so joyful every time I hear it, and brings me back to that moment in law school and the realization of how fortunate I am and how I should in my life help to make others feel joy and happiness in theirs. You certainly have done that.

Merry Christmas and God bless you.

Soy maestra de español en Texas. Espero regresar a la montaña dentro de poco. Gracias por ese recuento tan bella de como surgio esta cancion. Hoy mis estudiantes van a saber de tu vida y de donde eres. Un besote y mil bendiciones,

Wanda Isabel

Hi Susan

Dad are I are still listening out for Jose’s wonderful song and that means that the tradition with Dad and I is still very much alive and kicking. Dad is doing his best to win this year and I may just let him (my Christmas present to him – ha ha). Mind you Susan the excitement of hearing Jose’s song makes me teary eyed, goose bumpy and gives me a lump in my throat as it is such a special thing that Dad and I share. So if I do hear the song first then I recon I shall flag letting my Dad win and I shall phone him before he can phone me! He he.

As soon as I know who has won, I shall email you.

You and Jose play such a very important part in our lives – thank you so much.

With love and blessings
Dad and Deb

Hi Jose – I’ve always enjoyed “Feliz Navidad” and I’ve been singing it for my family every year with my steel string guitar….Its an enjoyable song to sing as well as hear. My favorite memory is seeing you play it at Symphony Hall in Boston a few years ago by the way, I loved that Jingle Bells instrumental you did too!! I wish a “Feliz Navidad” to you and Susan and your children. I love so many styles of music, and you have been my greatest inspiration to keep singing, writing and performing! God Bless you!

Paul McMahon

It was great to shake hands with you at Mohegan Sun a few years ago!

Hola! I just wanted to say that I have loved your music since I found it as a teenager….It’s not Christmas w/ out Feliz Navidad:) Hope you are well. Take care and God Bless…

Freddi Kaye

Dear Mr. Feliciano,

I am a Spanish teacher in a very small town in upstate New York. Some years ago, I recorded an interview with you from Sunday Morning, the TV show. At the end of the song you played Que Sera. The song haunted me and at that point I became a fan. I had to track down the song and I have loved your music ever since.

I play the segment from Sunday Morning at the beginning of every Christmas season. Before showing it I always ask my students if they have ever heard the song Feliz Navidad. Of course, they all raise their hands. I then tell them that I want them to learn about the man behind the music. They are fascinated by your story and your music.

I thank you
for your music. I thank you for sharing your story. And I thank you for being the talent you are.

Please know that when I play your CD in my classroom, my eighth graders sing along. And they all now know about the man behind the music.

With sincere thanks,
Karen Moretti
Teacher and Fan! :o)

Dear Jose,

You were my favorite artist wihen I was young. I loved your music, and i also had part of your name in my name…Thanks to the internet and youtube I found you again. I have your 2 newest cd’s and am enjoying them very much. 

You came to Peachtree City , just south of Atlanta, Ga. in 2010. After 30 plus years I finally got to see my Jose!  

I took my 16 year old son and he enjoyed you very much.  When we got in the car I told him that he would get to tell his kids that he saw Jose Feliciano sing Feliz Navidad… Do you understand that that would be like me seeing Bing Crosby sing White Christmas! How special is that? I cant believe how modest you are about this now Christmas Classic.   

I love the song ‘Christmas Must Be Tonight’ you sang on Live From Daryl’s House.  I would love to buy it. By the way, your episode is the most popular to date on Daryl’s show.  Just goes to show you how much pleasure and joy you give to people.  

In closing I would like to quote my Daddy in a poem he wrote to me for our very last Christmas together. “If GOD in his wisdom chose to take me away,  I would surely plead for one more day.  I can’t be finished I can`t be through… I forgot to tell someone ‘I love you’.”

Felicia J. Alexander