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Feb.19.16 – José Cuvée!

While in Vienna, Jose Feliciano celebrated recently with The Family Scheifbenreif, launching the new Don Jose Feliciano Cuvée, a lovely red wine from the rich Baden wine region of Lower Austria.

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“I got the idea when I was here in the Leobersdorf wine taverns. I tasted some different wines and thought, ‘Oh man, that would be nice to create my own wine with the flavors of Austria!’ This one’s a red; very sturdy but still not too heavy. A white, especially for my wife’s taste, will be bottled here soon, as well”

José Feliciano was also joined by his Management Team, headed by Helmuth Schärf, along with Arno Raunig and other musical friends from the area as well as Madame Sonja Klima, President of Ronald McDonald Children’s Aid, where Jose is privileged to represent them as their Honorary President.

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