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Feb.17.19 — Grammy Week

It was fifty years ago when Jose Feliciano first walked the Red Carpet and where later that evening, he accepted his very first Grammy Awards. This past week, he walked it again. Now with nineteen Grammy nominations and nine statues to his credit, Jose was honored to be invited to spend Grammy Week in Los Angeles.


“It brings back lots of memories, that’s for sure, but it was different  in the 60’s.  Not only was the music different back then, of course, but also was the way the program was presented. It wasn’t even televised until two years later!”

With no pressure to sell anything and with nothing he had to promote, he was introduced as the “Legendary Jose Feliciano.”  Maestro Feliciano.”  Accompanied by his son, Jonnie, everyone saw the respect that the name,Feliciano firmly holds in this music industry that Jose loves so much.


“I’m what you’d call a ‘working musician:’  if you don’t see me here it’s because I’m probably over there,”  he laughed.  “I played in about a dozen different counties alone last year,  from Australia to Chile and throughout North America and Europe, so I don’t see me slowing down. I  have some pretty cool things coming down the pike in the near future” he intimated.  “So God willing, I’ll be back here again soon.

“The industry has evolved so much and the music has changed. I like a lot of it, dislike some of it, but honestly rather miss the Burt Bachrachs, the Hal Davids,  the Jimmy Webbs and the Paul Simons whose sounds are missing in today’s music scene.” 

“I really applauded Alicia Keys, though, as master of ceremonies; I feel she was the star of the show. I dig Lady Gaga and Pharrell, of course, Dolly Parton, too as she’s absolutely timeless. I really got into Post Malone and his performance and I loved the introduction by Diana Ross’ nine-year grandson. He was really cute.”

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“It’s nice right now to relax with no pressure, to be a part of The Club and to enjoy the party!”

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