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Dec.24.16 – Feliciano Christmas 2016

Finally, or maybe, Already (just depending), we can now pause to reflect upon yet another year flying into the history books. It’s been a BIG ONE, Politically, Economically, and in our little corner of the world, Artistically.

Jose just returned home from an extraordinarily arduous tour for the Christmas Season beginning with a Sprint commercial shoot in Spain and then rehearsals with his new band in Vienna, debuting with a sold-out concert in Austria. The next day he continued on to Gibraltar, where, following another sold-out performance, he was hospitalized and diagnosed with pneumonia. The very next morning, however, with a fistful of meds, Jose checked himself out the hospital, met up with his Team and continued on to perform concerts in both Athens and Istanbul. With a follow-up hospital exam in Vienna, he gave four more performances in 5 days in Austria, concerts in each of 4 additional cities throughout Germany and another in Sweden before returning to the US. There he performed in Atlantic City, Newark (2 shows) and his Finale of the Season, a smash performance in New York City.

Home now and recovering, I’ve securely tucked him under a rock until after the New Year. Just saying…

But that’s Jose. Unscripted, he stoically told me from Athens, that he “couldn’t let down” his fans, of whom during this tour, there were many. I secretly had wished he were home with us but he had just launched an unprecedented 5-album project and he wasn’t about to blow the opportunity to support it. Plus, the 1st official video for Feliz Navidad, featuring his godson, Helmuth’s youngest boy, Fabi Schaerf had just been released (If you haven’t seen it, I hope you take the opportunity. Not only is it darling, it’s getting lots of attention!). So there was a lot going on but, thank God, all’s well and we now celebrate as a Family this special time of year.

Additionally, on the home front:

Our Melissa, not only has taken a new position as Manager of Museum Services for The Lock-Mathews Mansion Museum, an exquisite 62-room Second Empire ‘country house’ which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, but she has accepted the proposal of her darling beau, Charles Erickson. They will marry in 2018 and we absolutely couldn’t be more pleased! He’s a good man and I know they will be good for each other.

Jonnie, though still working part-time at Apple, is working more and more with his Dad on both technical and digital projects of all kinds and also with Jose and his manager, Helmuth Schaerf, on tour. Jonnie’s a strong advocate of his father’s Art and Legacy but is also an engaging young man in his own right. It’s a good thing for Team Feliciano that Jonnie should be on board and good for him to witness, first hand, the genuine affection his father receives by the countless people who cross his path whenever he leaves home.

Mikey continues to hone his culinary skills, gaining a real reputation as a talented young chef around town as well as on the road while touring with his own band, Forgetting Fame. Having completed a 6,000-mile bus tour throughout the midwest and southeast this Summer as the band’s bassist and mess-cook, he pulled double-duty. He’s loving it and we continue to take delight in all of his passions.

And I, per always, find myself to be the cog in the wheel, keeping our Family intact and on the same page together. Even as we all go in our own directions somewhat, we remain one crazy, wonderful force to reckon with…and so, today, with one voice…

We wish you all a very Blessed Holiday Season, a healthy New Year ahead and, of course, a rousing Feliz Navidad!


ps…omg! how could I forget…?

This is Gerde’s FIRST CHRISTMAS!!!


This little I’m-not-sure-what-kind-of-rescued-pup from West Virginia came into our lives on Father’s Day weekend this past year, barely three months old and just too cute for words (her older doggie-siblings already in residence, may feel differently).

Daddy had the honor of naming her and chose “Gerde” — not the diminutive of “Gertrude,” but rather after Gerde’s Folk City in Greenwich Village, where Jose was ‘discovered’ by RCA Records as a teenager…she carries a lot of weight with that name; if she only knew. She’s too busy being a sweetheart. Merry Christmas.

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