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Dec.21.17 – Good News of Great Joy! Our Christmas Letter

Good News of Great Joy!

It’s December 9th, a Saturday evening in Connecticut, and the first snowstorm of the season is upon us. With great anticipation, we have exactly two weeks from about right NOW, until Jose and Jonnie walk through our front door again after having been away since the first week of October! It was, in fact, a ground-breaking tour with an English Icon, Jools Holland, that took them away from home for so long…


Truly, it was a great opportunity to be alongside such an incredible artist with his team of musicians and crew—over thirty in the ensemble all together on the road — for almost three months. As well, it was an intriguing departure from anything Jose was familiar with up to this point in his career. With numerous national television programs and seemingly countless radio and print media interviews in support of their thirty-five sold-out concerts all throughout the British Isles (including the Royal Albert Hall), it was to be an ambitious endeavor, yet one I can’t say I was looking forward to for him, at the time. However, with our son, Jonnie, on board now as his tour manager, having officially left Apple in March, I’m grateful, relieved and thrilled, to say the least,  that Jose is healthy, happy and very much in the public eye.

It was, ironically, exactly one year ago, during a European tour, when Jose was literally fighting for his life with double pneumonia. He feared he wouldn’t make it home. Yet, he was able to fulfill his commitment and performed thirteen concerts in six countries, while so dangerously ill. What a difference for us all this time around, thank God. Thank God.

Meanwhile here in Connecticut, Melissa and her darling fiancé, Charles, are busy in not only planning their wedding but their new life together in June of 2018. It’s a beautiful thing to behold but how her Daddy will hold up through the ceremony, is yet to be seen. Forget about Daddy, what about Mommie? Oh my goodness, I can’t think about it right now.   No cameras, please…


Mikey, on the other hand, is constantly active and involved in so many interests (including a new band!) as well as pursuing his dream in the culinary arts. Opting for on-the-job training instead of a culinary school, he’s working in an upscale restaurant in Darien, CT, both in the kitchen and in front-of-house. He’s loving the practical applications of restaurant logistics as well as honing his kitchen skills, yet still happy to cook for his family and friends at home. He really must love what he’s doing. Plus, he’s really good at it.

Unfortunately, while Daddy’s been away Mikey’s car was totaled in an automobile accident in October. Though not at fault, it left him without wheels until he decided that now would be the time to go for his dream car: a Jeep Wrangler…which, of course, he loves. What a sweet ride; we’ve enjoyed some nice times together while his Daddy and brother have been away. I love it too, though the huge tires and ‘lifts” raising it from the ground require that I use a little step stool to climb inside…again, no cameras, please.

So, as we enter this New Year, 2018, we anticipate not only a springtime wedding, the continued blossoming of Jonnie’s tour management skills with his Father and lots of creativity in our kitchen but also the 50th Anniversary of Jose Feliciano’s entry onto the International Music Scene as well as his having been the first artist to publicly render a personal interpretation of our National Anthem. Both were monumental in catapulting him into the public eye back in 1968, so events of special recognition are planned to celebrate this massive milestone in Jose’s career and in our lives.

With so much (for all of us) to celebrate and so much for which to be grateful, we hope you will join us in taking some time to be with and relish those you love. We assure you that you’re being remembered, with great joy among our own greatest treasure.

Finally, we wish you God’s peace and send you our love.      ~~~The Feliciano Clan


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