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Dec.15.17 – It’s Official !

During the past three months, Jose Feliciano has joined Jools Holland, blanketing the British Isles in bringing their music, conceived from their remarkable talent and — now equally remarkable friendship — to millions of people, via television, radio, internet and most admirably, in person, on stage…

…and it’s Official: their 35-concert tour from Belfast to London and Glasgow to Plymouth has been deemed “Sold-Out” and, an “Overwhelming Success.” 

Jose thanks Jools for one of the greatest rides of his career. In love with the British people, it’d been his dream to immerse himself in their lives and culture and happily, he’s been able to do so in such an exciting manner, that is, by sharing his music with the British people.


Additionally, what’s  been called “Feliciano’s perennial Christmas gift to mankind,” his simple yet extraordinary carol, “Feliz Navidad,” has again been received, replicated and celebrated by millions around the world.

In fact, Billboard, the preeminent global music barometer, has published their Airplay Charts for December 16th and again for December 23rd, placing Feliciano’s “Feliz Navidad” at NUMBER ONE !!


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