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Aug.23.14 – Feliciano Take the Ice-Bucket Challenge for ALS!

On Jose Feliciano’s Twitter Feed, @wheresJose, and on his Facebook Page, “Wheres Jose?” he accepts his son Jonnie’s nomination to take the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.

With it, he encourages everybody to do whatever they can to bring attention to the work that is being done to eradicate this vicious disease. “Whether it’s daring your friends to get on board with the current IceBucket Challenge craze, or better yet, going to the ALS Association to donate your time, treasure and talent, it’s important to declare war on ALS get involved! ” 

Jose said, when he felt the shock of the ice water hitting his body he imaged the utter shock of being stricken with such a debilitating and life altering neurodegenerative disease. He encourages everybody to get onboard and Accept the Challenge…


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