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Nov.16.17 — As You See Me NOW!!!!!

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Launching NOVEMBER 17th to active pre-sales and rave reviews, AS YOU SEE ME NOW, the new corroboration between Jools Holland’s Rhythm & Blues Orchestra and Jose Feliciano is, according to the critics, ‘electrifying!’ and ‘deee-lightful!’


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The celebration of two like-minded and super-nova musicians, this album takes you on a ride: both getting down while elevating the spirit, all at once!

Jools says he’s particularly enjoyed this project because Jose is ,“…a man whose voice and guitar I’ve idolized all my life…” while Jose quips, “That goes double with me!”

With fourteen tracks whose genres traverse jazz to ska with songs not only written by Jose and by Jools but also by others from Stevie Wonder to Django Reinhardt.  This album, “Just feels so right…!”

Jose continues, “It’s energy is captivating and the concert tour throughout the British Isles in support of the album (*continuing through December 22nd) has been a complete joy for me.”

Clearly, having a great time in the studio and on the road, both Chaps smile and together say, “Here it is: As you see ‘us’ now.”


*To learn more about the 2017 Jools Holland,  The Rhythm & Blues Orchestra and Jose Feliciano Concert Tour schedule, go to the Jose Feliciano Calendar Page very soon as the remaining concerts are nearly all sold-out!

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