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Jose Feliciano has been invited by Leslie Greif (ThinkFactory Media), Texas Rising executive producer, to provide his signature guitar-work to the star-studded miniseries premiering on Memorial Day, May 25th, on the History Channel throughout the United States. Jose has been working with composer John Debney (The Passion of the Christ), Bruce Broughton (Tombstone, Silverado) and The Texas Rising Team, adding his guitar to some of the scenes’ musical cues throughout the 8-hour production.

Additionally, Texas Rising will open the international market with an extravagant world premiere in Cannes on April 13th. Kate O’Hare of Variety writes: “Contrary to any antiquated notions of regional-specific television, “Texas Rising” is a model of how lavish smallscreen productions are now being made for viewers worldwide.

“Our focus is to find great stories and great content wherever they are in the world, try to get them financed and produced, and then take them to as broad and global an audience as possible,” points out Dan Gopal, exec VP of distribution for ITV Studios, who is in co-production with A&E Studios and ThinkFactory Media.

Feliciano, delighted to be onboard, offers: “In the clips that we’ve had to work on, we’ve seen already that the production, story-line, Mr. Debney’s and Mr. Broughton’s orchestral scores have created a magnificent piece of work. It’s really very, very exciting to be a part of it.”

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