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Aprl.17.14 – RIP: CHEO Feliciano

Early this morning Jose Feliciano and his family heard news of the sudden death of long-time friend and fellow Puerto Rican, Salsero, Jose “Cheo” Feliciano. 

Singer and guitarist Jose Feliciano, whose name certainly has a similar ring, was for a short time, unfortunately,  mistaken as the same Artist by Reuters and other news sources around the world. Phone calls began to pour into both the Feliciano Home and Offices as did messages via Email, Facebook and Twitter. A correction was officially sent by his publicist, Judy Katz, and retractions were issued.

The momentary confusion pales in comparison to the great sadness felt by Jose and his family and so first and foremost,  their condolences go out to Cheo Feliciano’s Family.

At the same time, Jose wishes to express to all of his friends and fans around the world that he appreciates their outpouring of concern but that he is, “just fine.”


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