This website has evolved over the last 19 years or so, having begun as my personal love letter to my husband and to his fans around the world. Obviously, therefore, be assured that every word of it is true and, aside from quotes or copied articles and official press releases, of my own composition.

I dedicate this site to Mr. Ernie Harwell, the Baseball Hall of Fame Broadcaster who, in 1968, invited Jose to sing the National Anthem before the 5th Game of the World Series in my home town of Detroit. It not only changed the course of Jose’s career — making him the first artist to ever stylize our National Anthem, enabling it to become an important platform for artistic expression — he was also instrumental in personally introducing Jose Feliciano to me, forever altering the course of my own history, as well! Jose, our children and I thank you, Ernie, and will always love you. May God bless and keep you and Lulu in the palm of His hand.

It’s only proper to reserve a place here to acknowledge some of the many people who bless our lives and make it possible for us to do what we do for Jose’s Fans and Followers around the world. We want to thank, therefore, Jose’s band, his staff and colleagues who help to bring his music to the world. Our children, Melissa, Jonnie and Mikey who, despite the rollercoaster ride that is our life, find a comfortable balance with us in being “Family.”

We thank Diana Stutz at Diana Stutz Design LLC who has painstakingly brought our website to its current incarnation and to Margie Offermann and Marcela Short, who gave their time and talent in lovingly translating the pages for us into Spanish.

Our enduring gratitude makes it imperative to mention everyone by name, and try as we may, we could never manage to list them all, but — Rick Jarrard, MB, Janie Johnson Sides, Peter Lopez,  Janie Cano Veronese, The Porzio Family, The Erickson Family, The Goldstein Family, Helen Murphy, Miguel Maropakis, Carlos Santana, Father Tom Thorne, Father Larry Larson, Father Mike Manning, Sister Marie Roccapriore, Jack Somer, Marcella Short,  Dec Hickey, Uncle Bill, Teddy Arnold, Steve Mizrachi, Jorge Feliciano, Jimmie Haskell, Steve Vilnius and Patricia Sadler — all know why we have to send a particularly loud shout-out to them with love and gratitude. You help us, each in your own way, in making our World go around. We thank you for that and for being a vital part of our lives.

We thank YOU, for at this very moment, you chose to take this time and visit Jose Feliciano’s Official Home on the World Wide Web, when we know full well that you could be elsewhere. We thank you for all of the times you chose to enter into Jose’s World by listening to his music, attending one of his concerts, sitting next to him on an airplane or visiting his website. Simply put, we thank you for being a part of our lives.

We thank Almighty God for bringing us all together, for keeping us all together and for making it all work, somehow, despite ourselves. Ave Maria!

May God bless you abundantly.
Susan Omillian Feliciano+